Friday, 28 March 2008

Speaking Clock

The most popular speaking clock in the UK is the BT speaking clock, which can be heard by dialling 123 or going to:

The speaking clock started service in 1936 and has been sponsored by Accurist since 1985. Accurist is a well know British wristwatch and watch manufacturer.

In 2007 the public were invited by BT to audition in a competition to become the voice of the speaking clock. The prize which was: 'the prestige of becoming the most listened voice in the UK' was won by Sara Mendes da Costa making her the fourth official voice of the clock.

The first BT speaking clock voice was that of Jane Cian, from 1936 to 1963. Second was Pat Simmons, from 1963 to 1984 and third was Brian Cobby, from 1985 to 2007.

There have also been two temporary voices: Lenny Henry and Alicia Roland

The voice of Pat Simmons can still be heard telling the time by dialing 0871 789 3642. This is thanks to the Telephone Heritage Group and the TIM 2000 project.

There are a number of interesting video clips on YouTube relating to the speaking clock: