Sunday, 9 August 2009


Last Sunday I had a pretty successful shopping spree at two car boot sales in Bedfordshire (Pulloxhill and Lidlington). Here is a photo of what I bought:

Many thanks to N&N for the help finding these clocks! Click here to read Nat's version of this 'shopping' adventure.

Clock detail from left to right:
  • Bertina 8 day wooden mantle clock (middle row, left) - Condition: okay, but unfortunately the mechanical movement has been replaced with a quartz movement.

  • Blue Metamec 8 day wall clock (front row, left) made in England, with a mechanical movement made in France. Condition: okay but needs a good clean.

  • Smiths lantern clock (back row, left) - quartz movement, made in 1979 - model: Durham 79q. Condition: Poor and not running properly

  • Mini quartz lantern clock (middle row, left) - 'Park Lane' . Condition: Good, after replacing the battery.

  • Timemaster mantle clock (middle row, middle) - made in Great Britain, mechanical movement. Condition: poor

  • Smiths mantle clock (back row, right) - mechanical 30 hour movement - model: Burgrove 1954 to 1958. Condition: poor, but it does still run.

  • Mantle clock (middle row, right) - mechanical movement - made in Scotland. Condition: okay, and still works

  • Truimph Ingersoll pocket watch (front row, right) - mechanical movement. The watch is in pieces - I hope nothing is missing. Condition: dismantled

(Note: I intend to take all these clocks apart, clean them up, and hopefully get them running again.)

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