Sunday, 30 August 2009

Metamec Collection

Until recently the main focus of my clock collecting has been on Smiths clocks, but recently I've acquired a number of Metamec clocks. Here is a series of photos showing my Metamec clocks:

Battery Clock using an the electro-mechanical Junghans (German made) movement.

Electric mains driven synchronous clock - in pink! This is a classic 1950s Retro clock.

Another mains driven synchronous clock (also in pink!)

Quartz carriage clock -Model 4975. This is a pretty cheap clock made mostly of plastic with a thin brass coating. I generally avoid quartz clocks but since this clock was a Metamec I bought it. (I bought it today at a car boot fair)

8 day mechanical Metamec clock. The movement was made in France. I had an unfortunate accident with this clock just before I took the photo - I dropped it and broke the glass... sob...

Synchronous alarm clock with a 'Lighted Dial'

There is a book about Metamec clocks: called 'Metamec the Clockmaker Dereham' which I'll hopefully be buying in the next couple of months.


Anonymous said...

hi there

nice clock the one in the shape of an eye...i have the same but in yellow...i do not seem to be able to make it work...i have plugged it in but there is no tic tac or anything hppening is there any advise you coulf give me?



Alan said...

Hi Oliver

When I plug my clock into the mains it also does nothing. On the back of the clock there is a small brass knob that I have to slowly turn to start the clock.

There is another switch on the back that allows the clock to tick or run in silent mode. I keep the clock in ticking mode so that I know it is running.

If there is a power cut the clock will need to be started again. Some of the newer synchronous clocks are able to start themselves.

Hope that helps

Red Cert said...

Hi Alan - lovely collection.

I just got a wall mounted Metamec, mains powered. Have browsed the web for advice on converting to battery, but can't find anything. Do you know any sites that have advice/guide?


Red Cert said...
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Alan said...

Hi Andrew,

Have a look at the quartz clock movements sold by Cousins:

The section under 'Standard Quartz Clock Movements' lists different shaft lengths which you'll need to select based on how thick the clock face is (11mm, 16mm, 21mm and 26mm). You may also need to buy a centre, minute and second hand nuts.

I would try to fit a 'radio controlled quartz clock movement' (listed on the same page) - I'm sure you'll get the UK time signal in Dublin. The clock will then automatically set itself to the correct time based on the time signal, and it will adjust itself for daylight saving.

Here's some more information about the radio controlled movement:

Hopefully the clock hands you have will fit the quartz movement, if not you'll probably have to buy new clock hands.

Maplin also sell a quartz movement:
but don't have as many options as Cousins.

I would advise keeping the old electric movement somewhere safe so that it could be put back into the clock at a later date - the clock will loose most of it's value if does not have it's original movement.

I'd be interested to hear how your conversion to battery goes.

All the best

none said...

I have a brass and marble metamec carriage clock. the face is dirty how do i remove the insides to get at the face. thank you