Saturday, 14 November 2009

Alabaster Metamec 786

The Metamec catalogue describes this clock as: 'An inexpensive mantel clock in real alabaster. Brass bezel and fret'.

The model number of the clock is 786 and the dimensions are 6.25" x 6" x 3".

The vase in the back ground is a Wedgwood copy of the Portland Vase. The original vase is now in the British museum - it is made of cameo-glass and believed to have been made in Rome between 5AD and 25AD.

The clock casing is made of Bakelite - but it looks like rusted metal.

'Mechanical Movement'

I bought this clock earlier this year at the Edenbridge car boot sale for under £2. It was in a working condition but a bit dirty and the base had broken off. I've just cleaned it up, stuck the base back on, wound it up and I'll see how long it runs for...

Reference: metamec-clockmaker-dereham - page 236


Sarah Phillips said...

How much is this worth?

Alan Laing said...

Unfortunately not much, maybe £5 to £10.