Sunday, 19 April 2009

Car Boot Sale

I haven't been out cycling for a long time, but today the sun was shining and a bike ride seemed more appealing than cleaning the house - so off I went. On my way home I passed Highams Farm which was having a car boot sale... not being able to resist the temptation of finding an old clock I headed in.

I ended up buying five clocks: four Smiths and one Westclocx. They are all mechanical clocks, and only one of them works - but that's okay since I paid very little for them.

Clock #1 - I paid 50 pence for it. It's a Smiths Clock but it's pretty rusted not to mention the state of the clock face - I think it's beyond repair, but it's good for a photo. For now it has to stay in the car garage - it's not coming into the house in that state!

The smallest clock is a Westclox, the others are Smiths. The clock on the left is the only one that works. It was a lot to pack into my cycling bag!

On my way home, I was pretty exhausted (and the weight of the clocks wasn't helping) - This public bridleway is in Farleigh and it crosses zero degrees longitude.

I passed this church (St Mary) in Addington Village earlier in the day - 9:39am.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Redhill is a town in Surrey which falls into the 'London commuter belt' . It was originally called Warick Town, but was renamed in 1856 to RedHill. It has a population of about 26000 people.

The High Street has been pedestrianised. The Belfy Shopping Mall, and the distinctive red Warick Quadrant complex are on the High Street.

In this photo you can see the Belfry Shopping Centre to the left - the white building with the clock clearly visible. In the right of the photo is the Warick Quadrant. If you look carefully you can also see a clock on the Warick Quadrant.

There is a market in Redhill on Thursday and Saturday. In this photo you can see the market stalls being setup in the Warick Quadrant - 7:30am. To the left of the photo is a redbrick building called the Harlequin.

The Belfry Shopping Centre - note the three bells in the bell tower. There is a museum in the shopping centre!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Lucerne Digital

This is an early 1970s Lucerne Digital wristwatch which is interesting because it has a mechanical movement.

The watch is running well but unless I get invited to a 1970s retro party I don't think I'll be wearing it!

The watch has a 'jump-hour' - meaning the hour indicator changes exactly on the hour rather than gradually changing like the minute indicator. I placed a penny in the photo to give an indication of the size of the watch - it was pretty big for the 1970s. Today big watches are the fashion.

'Swiss unadjusted - one 1 jewel' watch movement

A slightly naked Lucerne Digital watch

Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Good Day For Ducks

It was just starting to rain as I took the photos below of Elmore duck pond and village hall - 'Peter Aubertin Hall'. The hall is in Chipstead (Surrey) and was built in 1906.

The time on the clock was wrong. It was 7:40am when I took the photo, but the clock shows 3:58.

With a little imagination you can see the reflection of the clock next to the duck, and looking even closer you can see the ripples in the water from the rain.

Location: Elmore Road, Chipstead, Surrey, CR5 3SG (51°17'44.51"N 0°10'8.06"W)