Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lot 217

I bought the following clocks in a single lot at an auction this week:

Lot 217 - clocks

Starting from the left:
  • Chrome 1930s Art Deco electric clock
  • Metamec Quartz pendulum clock - model: 4989 (page 298, Metamec Clock Maker Derenham)
  • Metamec bedside electric clock and lamp - model 758 (page 234, Metamec Clock Maker Derenham)
  • Quartz desk clock with the text 'Hill Park 3rd June 1997'
  • Smiths clock - model: Woodstock 1952, 8 day 4 jewels
  • Prescott 400 day clock
There was also a collection of cameras in the lot:
  • Praktica MTL3 with two lenses and a flash (made 1978 - 1984 in East Germany)
  • Minolta A5 with Rokkor lense (released 1960)
  • Kodak 36 'Instamatic'(made 1973-1974)
  • Kodak 'Brownie' Cresta II (made in the late 1950s)
I have no idea what I'm going to do with the cameras, but collecting cameras as well as clocks is not an option ;)

Lot 217 - cameras


Nat said...

Well done on a successful bid! :-)

Some interesting clocks (and cameras).

Alan said...

Thanks Nat! Unfortunately I didn't get any of the other lots I bid on.