Monday, 28 June 2010

Shaftesbury Town Hall Clock

Shaftesbury is an old market town in north Dorset which goes back to medieval times. The town hall was built on the market place in 1827 by Earl Grosvenor who owned most of Shaftesbury. The Clock Tower was added in added 1879.

Town Hall

Town Hall Clock

Click here for more photos of Shaftesbury:


Blandford is a small Georgian town in North Dorset, England. The town centre was rebuilt in the 1700s due to fire. As a result the town has a consistent Georgian architecture.

Blandford Town Hall

Blandford Town Hall Clock

St Peter and St Paul Church Clock

Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul - side view showing a sundial

St Peter and St Paul Church Sundial

Hall and Woodhouse Brewers

Hall and Woodhouse Brewers was founded in 1777 in Blandford, Dorset, UK. Here are some photos I took when passing the brewery:

Hall and Woodhouse Brewery

Hall and Woodhouse Brewery Clock

Here is a link to the ales produced by Hall and Woodhouse Brewery:

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Bournemouth Clocks

Bournemouth is a popular coastal town in Dorset, UK. This weekend it drew record crowds thanks to the sunny weather - the beach was packed with sunbathers.

Town Square Clock

Bournemouth Town Square - The square has been pedestrianised.

'Bournemouth Arcade 1866 Built by Henry Joy originally as two rows of shops. The glazed arcade roof was added in 1873 - The Borough of Bournemouth'. Note the mantle clock on the far side of the arcade.

Charles Fox Clock

Bournemouth Pier Amusement Arcade Clock

Bournemouth Pier Amusement Arcade

Sunday, 20 June 2010

LeCoultre Alarm Clock

Make: LeCoultre
Model: Alarm Clock
Production: ?
Movement: Mechanical Alarm
My ref: #99

Smiths Quest

Make: Smiths
Model: Quest
Production: 1969 to 1971
Movement: Battery, Sectronic Mark II
My ref: #101

Smiths Sectric

Make: Smiths
Model: Sectric
Production: ?
Movement: Synchronous Bijou
My ref: #105

Smiths Argo

Make: Smiths
Model: Argo
Production 1960 to 1962
Movement: 8 day floating balance
Notes: The clock has been hand painted by 'David Jacob', signed '25th August 1998'

PS I've started labelling my clocks. Note the tag on the clock - this is clock #104

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lewes Clock Tower

I drove through Lewes today and took a photo of the following clock tower:

Lewes is in the county of East Sussex and is very close to the South Downs Way - where I went cycling today. Click here for more detail about the trip.

Alfriston Village Clock

I took the following photos while cycling through the village of Alfriston today:

Town square clock


To see some more photos of my cycling trip today along the South Downs Way click here.