Friday, 27 August 2010

Hak's Barbers Beckenham

This is Hak's Barbers, 153 High Street, Beckenham... If I had any hair left I would definitely have it cut here ;)

The clock face on the building has the words: Gillett Bland and Co.

Hak's Barbers in Beckenham

Gillett Bland & Co.

In 1877 Arthur Johnston bought a partnership in the Croydon clock making company Gillet & Bland, changing the name to Gillett Bland & Co. After Bland died in 1884 the company became Gillett & Johnston - as it known today.


And if you need a hair cut:

St George, Beckenham Parish Church

The church in this photo is St George, Beckenham Parish Church. The architecture is Victorian and was built in the 1880s by architect Gibbs Bartleet as a replacement for original 12th century church on the same site.

Beckenham town centre with St George Church in the background.

The church has 10 bells, and a band of bell ringers who meet on Thursday evenings to practice. Two of the bells were made by Gillett and Johnston (of Croydon) and the rest were made by John Warner and Sons.



Clock House Railway Station, Beckenham

Clock House railway station is in Beckenham, Bromley - Travel Zone 4. The station was originally opened in 1890 and named after a nearby residence.

Street view of Clock House railway station, and not a clock in sight :(

Back of Clock House Railway Station, with a clock visible.

Station Clock at Clock House Station, 11:58am

This was my train going back to Elmers End at 12:13pm

Links for more information:

Tesco Superstore Elmers End

The following photos were taken at the Teso Supersore in Elmers End, Bromley, Kent.

Tesco Clock Tower at 11:05am

This Tesco Superstore is in the process of having some major rework done. The last time I was here the car park was a single level, now it's double story. The surrounding roads are also having some major roads works done to them.

Some information about Elmers End:
  • Thomas Crapper was buried in Elmers End Cemetary (he popularised the flushing toilet)
  • There is a story/urban legend that a famous highwayman called Elmer was hung in Elmers End and that's how Elmers End got it's name...
  • There is an old sewerage farm close to Elmers End Station that has now been converted to South Norwood Country Park.
  • The next train station from Elmers End Station is Clock House (photos to follow in my next post).
  • Elmers End Station is a terminus for the Croydon Tramline from West Croydon.
PS The Tesco Superstore in Croydon also has a clock tower, here's some photos I posted in February 2009: (scroll down on the page).

Sunday, 22 August 2010

St Mary, Bletchingley

I was up early this morning and passed St Mary's Church in Bletchingley on the way home. The church is over 900 years old and has had many alterations over the years. The village of Bletchingley is of medieval origin, called Blachingelei in the Domesday Book. The central part of the village is a conservation area striving to keep its medieval character.

St Mary's Church, Bletchingley at 7:40am

900 year old church

Here is some information about the history of the church:

Location: St Mary the Virgin, Church Lane, Bletchingley, Surrey, RH1 4LP, UK

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Charing Cross Railway Station Clock

I took the photos below today inside Charing Cross railway station. The station was built in 1864 and is now the fifth busiest rail terminal in London.

Smiths 30 Hour Movement

The clock movements in this photo are both Smiths 30 hour movements, however you'll notice the one on the left doesn't have an alarm. It's interesting how Smiths have used the same clock movement for a mantle clock as well as for an alarm clock.