Sunday, 20 February 2011

Croydon Parish Church Clock

The first record of a church building in this location is in the Domesday Book - dating the church as before 1086. I'm sure there were many changes made to the church over the centuries, but in 1867 a fire severely damaged the church requiring it to be rebuilt. In 1870 the rebuild was complete and the church was reconsecrated.

I took this photo from a slightly strange angle (from behind a bush) to hide the scaffolding in front of the church. Some fairly extensive renovation work is in progress at the moment. The clock show 12:01pm but it was actually before 9am that I took the photo.

Croydon Parish Church
Croydon Parish Church - West Tower

Croydon Parish Church Clock
Church Clock

Some interesting information about the church:
  • Six Archbishops of Canterbury are buried in the church.
  • Ten bishops have been consecrated here
  • Visits to the church by Henry VII, Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I are documented
  • The architect of the church rebuild was Sir George Gilbert Scott.


joo said...

It's a superb clock and I love the church.

Thera said...

olá,amigo td bem?
parabens pelo blog...relógios lindos...ótima idéia...fotos...maravilha!!!