Saturday, 5 February 2011

St Mary's, Addington Village

St Mary's Church, Addington Village



Howard said...

Beautiful clock. How do they keep these church clocks wound?

Alan said...

Unfortunately many of the old mechanical clock mechanisms have been removed and replaced with modern electric clocks that are radio controlled. The radio signal is picked up from the Anthorn transmitting station in Cumbria, which broadcasts a time signal from atomic clocks.

Some of the remaining mechanical clocks have been fitted with automatic winding units.

joo said...

It's a great pleasure to see so many wonderful clocks! I'm a great fun of clocks:)
Have a nice day

Emm said...

Oh wow! What an exquisite church! See now, you like clocks but I ♥ churches. The older, more ruined the better but I also like very old, very intact churches too. Stunning.

Xurde Radío said...

A very beautiful place, I like the image of the church surrounded by its cemetery.
And I like the clock too, although I would prefer it had the mechanical machinery.