Sunday, 15 January 2012

Globe Sundial: London Zoo

Here's some photo's I took earlier today in London Zoo showing the Globe Sundial designed by Wendy Taylor in 1989:

"This Globe Sundial shows in miniature how the Earth is bathed in sunlight. Time is indicated by the fin which casts the least shadow. The combination of the tilt of the earth's axis and the varying speed of its progress on an elliptical path around the sun causes a difference between the time shown and mean time of up to 16 minutes. The greatest differences occur in February and October."


Emm said...

Wow! What a beautiful sundial! It really is nice and I like the additional information on the accuracy of the time shown.

Alan said...

Hi Emm
Yes, it is an unusual sundial and very attractive.

joo said...

It's lovely, Alan! I somehow missed it:)

Alan said...

Hi Joo, I almost missed the sundial. I didn't know it was there and found it by accident when leaving the zoo!